The Imperial Works

The Imperial Works are an original warehouse band from north London, making music from their souls, with a hefty shake of funk, a fair smattering of rock and a whole heap of blues (coloured with sunshine and delivered with swagger, strut and swing). The seven members have an infectious energy and their live performances are electric, playing their songs with flair and originality. Their music will take you on a real journey – making you sigh or stomp, sing and dance, and grin and throb. With mesmerising vocals from the captivating Miss Naomi Yhap, Neil Hope adds a sublime guitar fix to the stew, backed up with a hefty wallop of funk and drive from the rhythm section of Richard Lucey on Drums and Al Ballantyne on bass. Stacey Doherty takes it up a notch on her melodious sax, and BVs are provided by the magnificent Jessy B and Hossein D. Once seen, the Imperial Works will get in to you bones and always leave you wanting more..