Arepas are gluten free round-shaped corn bun, freshly made and grilled, opened up like a pocket and stuffed with several fillings.

The delicious fillings include:

A- Buffalo Beef; our premium and tender shredded beef marinated with our homemade Buffalo sauce combined with mature cheddar cheese and fresh Pico de Gallo, Gherkins with our signature Guasacaca sauce.
B- Cheeky Chicken; Boneless pulled chicken breast in tomato puree and stir-fried Picadillo with mixed fresh spring onions and chilies with our signature Guasacaca sauce.
C- Dominoes; A soft and tender turtle black beans with sheep feta cheese and freshly sliced tomatoes and sprinkle of coriander with our signature Guasacaca sauce.

Yuca Frita: Cassava fries are a much better companion to any meal that regular chips, a different root that we offer with our own seasoning and to dip into our signature Guasacaca Avocado sauce.
All our packaging is biodegradable and eco-friendly.