DJ Mango

Simon grew up in Brazil and his musical tastes were formed by a combination of Latin American Rhythm, Street Hip Hop and and a strong Soulful sensibility. He has always been inspired by the rhythm and counter rhythm whose roots are in Africa but which he first experienced as a child hearing the batida of the samba drums.

These rhythms inspired Simon to dj and he cut his teeth within the counter-culture of the outdoor party scene in north of England. These were the formative years of British dance music.

In Leeds he formed “It’s Obvious”, an anarchic weekly arts & music event at Leeds Warehouse, which ran every Friday for a four year unbroken run. During this period, Simon played alongside Roni Size, Aphex Twin, Jon Carter, Skint, DJ Hurricane, Mad Professor, and Ninja Tune.

Simon moved to London and continued to work with the cream of the UK dance scene, setting up a music studio, whilst djing throughout Europe and the UK. He has played extensively on the Latin, Vintage Rockabilly and Burlesque scenes as well as festivals throughout the UK. Simon still loves to surprise and delight with his eclectic Hip Hop sets.